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About Us

Promoting Innovation for Positive Change

Our budding family has been in the Gunnison Valley since early 2018. We found this one-of-a-kind place while taking a road trip throughout Colorado that was geared towards making an eventual move. We have family throughout the State, and we were looking to get closer to the type of small-town setting in which we were both raised. On the two-week trek, our second stop was Gunnison and we unexpectedly decided that this region had high potential for a destination immediately after that visit. Wanting to start a family and a business, we felt a town like this was exactly where we needed to be. The community offers a little bit of everything and the regional recreation is exceptional. Plus, we discovered there are several people here in the Valley engaged in remarkable ventures, folks exploring meaningful ideas.

We have always enjoyed cooking, learning about new foods, and having gardened since a young age, we like to know where everything comes from. We are eager to continue supporting the emerging focus on developing local food systems. This business is an extension and a combination of our culinary passions. Looking forward to connecting and collaborating on your next culinary venture.


Concept Realization

After watching fruits and vegetables spoil in fields and seeing countless farmers along with home gardeners unable to fully utilize their harvests, we developed a company to support

ventures aimed towards sustainability.


Talk surrounding food has been shifting as the importance of fresh, whole foods is becoming more apparent than ever. We continue learning about exciting improvements and creative pursuits. We aim to support the collective goal by being nimble and being part of the continuing conversation on correcting food system flaws.


The trailer's custom design includes commercial grade appliances found in most high end restaurant kitchens. The floor plan is as open as possible and efficient for many purposes. We offer a wide range of appliances to equip the unit based on specific projects.


We look forward to connecting with folks and pursuing mutually beneficial opportunities. Please reach out with any ideas, we'd love to hear from you.

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