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Do you deliver the unit?

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Yes, we deliver, park, and remove after rental. Mobilization charges are determined based on distance and demands.

Do you provide onsite services/support?

Yes, we offer a walkthrough and safety training in the rental. We also offer additional support as needed, cook, service, front or back of house, etc. We have done a bit of everything, from supporting chefs the entire time or serving/running to simply dropping off the unit.

What is the minimum or maximum rental time?

We are flexible, open to supporting the time your project requires, from half day to recurring. 

Is it just a kitchen or do you have appliances/equipment?

Much more. We have a wide-ranging inventory of kitchen equipment. Items can be rented individually or with the mobile kitchen. 

Is it just for personal/private use or can I sell food from it?

Yes, it can be used for food sales, requires typical licensing. Our team is happy to point you in the right direction and walk you through the process

Can I make it my own while renting?

Yes, please do! We designed the unit as a blank slate kitchen with white exterior and no decals. Keep it simple and sleek or decorate. Setup the kitchen to match your menu for efficiency and safety and add banners, signs, etc.

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