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The Inspiration: Supporting Yours, Pursuing Ours.

There comes a time of year when all you need is a helping hand and some great kitchen appliances. Time and time again we hear and witness farmers and home gardeners not having enough help right when they need it or not having the tools necessary to adequately preserve or process their harvests. The common problem of not having it all available at the exact time your venture demands it. The result, unnecessary waste.

For this problem and for anyone aiming to source goods locally or live closer to the land, we bring all the equipment you need to get your operation up and running or back in order.  Whatever the case, time spent with this unit at your disposal 24-7, on your property, garden, orchard, vineyard, you-name-it, will be invaluable and worthwhile. Maybe you just need a sterile and dependable space to bake all your holiday treats, perhaps your neighbors do too? The Homestead Hut™ makes your kitchen dreams come true for simply the time you require it without the year-round cost or complications.

We provide homesteaders, farmers, cooks, caterers, etc. an all-in-one mobile kitchen. Complete with the necessary space, tools, and outside assistance (if needed), this unit takes the headache out of preserving. On the path to self-sufficiency, occasional support and equipment are critical investments. Instead of purchasing appliances outright, we offer timely access at a reasonable rate. The shade structure, optional outdoor seating, and other add-ons catered to the renter make this portable kitchen a preserving paradise; say, for a pickling party!

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